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Juego de Arqueología

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The recommended age to start playing Archaeologist is 12 years old.

The user can play autonomously because Archaeologist offers the player the possibility of displaying the tutorial whenever he wants to learn how the game works in detail.

If the player prefers to play intuitively, they can skip the tutorial.

Archaeologist allows the student to delve into Archeology, a scientific discipline integrated into the Social Sciences that is not studied specifically in many educational centers.

With Archaeologist the student works as a real archaeologist, discovering and studying important aspects of history through the discovery and analysis of remains such as bones, pottery, tools, landscape features, and constructions.

Archaeologist teaches the real archaeological methodology and proposes the player different excavations that are completed later with work in the laboratory to analyze the remains found. Finally, the student can see what the place where he has excavated in the past was like.

Like any serious game, Archaeologist has been designed so that the student has fun while learning. For this reason, the game time is free, although it's adapted so that in the 50 minutes of a class they can overcome enough challenges to advance their learning.

The license gives access to the 8 Archaeologist excavations and allows unlimited play for one year to achieve all the medals in the game.

Archaeologist is a serious game endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports. The educational content has been developed by a multidisciplinary team headed by the archaeologist and historian Borja Corral. Each adventure is inspired by a real excavation and all the information it offers gives the player real knowledge about Archeology and History.